We teach you to stay safe

We pride ourselves on professionally running a high-risk adventure activity with the highest standard of safety. There is always an element of risk when riding a dirt bike, but we will teach you the best techniques for you to safely manage the risk and stay safe. 

We are committed to achieving high industry standards and have certified ourselves with a leading audit accreditation, Adventure Mark. Adventure Mark is a national outdoor safety audit programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community. 

Our Safety Management Systems and Safe Operating Procedures are internally reviewed annually and externally audited every 3 years or following a significant incident. Technique advisers and experts are used to review systems and procedures regularly. 

Our staff are well trained through our internal systems and external providers. We believe we are leading our industry in safe dirt biking operations. 

Safety Certification

How to stay safe on the track

  • Wear all the safety gear provided and the correct sizes for you
  • Always ask if you are unsure about your bike or your gear
  • Make sure your fuel switch is turned on and you have enough fuel in your dirt bike
  • Ride slowly when you are not on the track
  • Use the designated track entry and exit
  • Ride the track in the correct direction at ALL times
  • Do not stop on the track unless there is an incident 
  • When someone faster is coming up to pass you do not pull over but hold your line
  • No deliberate contact between participants riding
  • And have fun!

Worksafe Registered


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