Our testimonials

"We found the day to be awesome. The very thought that we could go from no knowledge or skill to 'flying high' seemed impossible. The Youth Encounter Team showed how learning, practice, building on learning, coaching, reviewing and giving it a go could up-skill us and stretch us to achieve more than we dreamed possible. To take this back to our workplace has made taking risks easier and helped us to be more responsive in everything from daily tasks to facing challenges. This action packed day will show you and your team how much you are really capable of!"

...Mike & Kiri Clark - Think Right Business Training

Matt Elen "Started the day unsure of what I was getting myself into, finished the day being confident in riding a dirt bike."

Natalie Trow "Encounter Success exceeded my expectations on all levels.  The staff were amazing and encouraging.  It was a great day that everyone could get involved in, no matter their ability."

Grant Johnson "I highly recommend Encounter Success for a team building event.  We stepped out of our comfort zones and learnt a whole new set of skills. Thank you."

Harvey Kane "A fantastically challenging day in a friendly and supportive environment.  Staff were great, all gear very well maintained.  Would totally recommend."

Fei Guo "It's awesome for both individuals and groups.  It's not only about experiencing something new, but about exploring your potential and becoming a better self/team.

Friday Night Flavour "It was an awesome arvo! thanks Mary and staff from Encounter Success - we couldn't have asked for a better day and a better team to encourage our youth out of their comfort zones, and into something really exciting. Stoked! love your work, we will be back"



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