About Us

We believe every person has God-given potential, and when they feel safe and belong, they unleash incredible capabilities. Our mission is to unleash their God-given potential through therapeutic activity-based programs by creating a safe space of belonging for them to fully participate. Unleashing potential, for us, is guiding people to safely overcome fears, unlock unrealized abilities, and discover their true value. We focus on;

  1. Using our activity and instructor expertise to facilitate a thrilling experience that makes a difference in peoples lives.

  2. Offering a unique experience that safely draws people out of their comfort zone and enables them to feel empowered as they grow in themselves.

  3. Being a sustainable social enterprise business with 100% of the financial profit going towards the charitable work of Youth Encounter's delivery of social impacts for young people. CLICK HERE to see more

About Youth Encounter charitable trust

Youth Encounter exists because we believe every person can encounter their God-given potential to live life wide open when they know they belong and believe in their true value.

Through a supportive community, our strong faith and doing fun activities together we create an environment where the youth of Aotearoa New Zealand can feel a sense of belonging that empowers them to live life to the fullest and focus forward with hope in their future.

Our approach to safety

Our approach to safety is fundamental to the success of our organisation. We believe in creating a culture of safety, driven by our top leadership with the systems in place to filter down to our participants.

Meet the Youth Encounter team!



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