Encounter Success believes every person has the potential for great success. Our purpose is to empower people to do more, learn more and encounter success through a thrilling dirt bike riding experience that makes a difference! For us, success is enabling people to safely push past the fears that are holding them back from reaching their unrealised abilities and talents, and encounter their God-given potential. Our goal is that people would know their individual uniqueness and how incredibly valuable they are through their Encounter Success experience.

Encounter Success focuses on;

  • Taking our world class expertise in dirt bike riding integrated with people's mental processes to facilitate life changing experiences.
  • Offering a unique experience that safely draws people out of their comfort zone and enables them to feel empowered as they grow in themselves.
  • Being a sustainable social enterprise business with 100% of the financial profit going towards the charitable work of Youth Encounter's delivery of social impacts for young people.

About Youth Encounter Ministries Trust

Youth Encounter's vision is to see young people and their families encounter their God-given potential. We are about creating an atmosphere of acceptance where real connection can be formed because as people are empowered in their true value, we believe they will encounter their true potential.

Our mission is to unleash and release the potential in young people and their families through delivering exciting and engaging programmes using the risk-taking activity of dirt bike riding. Through a pathway of therapy, counselling, mentoring, residential camps, community gatherings, work experience and job opportunities, our youth are empowered to live life wide open! 

Our approach to safety

Our approach to safety is fundamental to the success of our organisation. We believe in creating a culture of safety, driven by our top leadership with the systems in place to filter down to our participants.

Meet the Encounter Success team!

Mary Wanhill

Once known as ‘Scary Mary’ for her daredevil accomplishments on a dirt bike, Mary Wanhill was forced into a change of direction after a career-ending injury in 2009. Since then Mary has pursued a life of impacting young people with her passion to see them be all that they can be as they navigate through life’s challenges. 

Using dirt bike riding as her tool along with her counselling diploma, Mary brings her insights to effectively engage with young people as the founder of Youth Encounter Ministries Trust, creating powerful connections that has created a vibrant community of young people. 

Tracey Christian

Tracey joined our team in October 2017 as our Operations Manager, where she is responsible for the smooth running of the day to day operations as well as helping us to grow our services with her focus on sustainable funding to help achieve our vision and mission. 

Tracey is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our youth and believes strongly in giving them opportunities to grow and develop into the incredible young people their potential reveals.

André Whitehead

At only 21 years old, André is a success story in himself. A self-employed entrepreneur, he runs his own bee business and in the quieter months contracts his horticulture skills out to the local Te Puke kiwi fruit industry. André has worked for Youth Encounter as an employee and volunteer staff for the past 2 years. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is skilled and trained in the organisation’s safety systems and procedures, making him one of our key instructors. 


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